A real estate agent guides you through the buying or selling process. They help you

find homes that fit your criteria, negotiate prices and terms on your behalf and

generally provide a lot of expertise and guidance along the way.

Real estate agents are typically paid on a commission basis. Some choose to work

part-time as a way to supplement other income streams. However, it’s best to work

with an agent who is a full-time professional. This ensures they spend most of their

time conducting business and are not spending too much time on administrative


Finding clients is central to an agent’s success. They often generate leads by

tapping into their sphere of influence, which includes friends, family, neighbors and

business associates. They might also advertise on the Internet, place print or radio

ads, put up signs and create flyers.

Once they have a client, they conduct market research to determine an appropriate

selling price for a property. They look at comparable home sales in the area and take

a number of other factors into consideration. This can include the state of the

economy, crime rates and schools in the area.


They might also assist their client in finding mortgage lenders, home inspectors and

other professionals who can be involved in the transaction. They may even

recommend a lawyer to review the purchase and sale agreement.

In addition to working directly with their clients, an agent might participate in MLS

tours to view new listings. They might also attend meetings with fellow real estate

agents to discuss pricing trends and other relevant information.


Whether they’re representing a buyer or seller, an agent will be present at all

meetings and contract signings throughout the entire real estate transaction. They

will meet with the other party’s agent, a lender, title or escrow officers and other

professionals to make sure the home purchase or sale is completed on time.

A good real estate agent knows how easy it is for buyers to lose their loan approval,

which is based on their financial situation at the time they apply for the loan. They

will keep track of all deadlines and advise their client on how to proceed if any issues

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One of the most important things a real estate agent does is negotiate on their

client’s behalf. They will go above and beyond to get the best terms possible for

their clients, especially in a highly competitive market. They will work to make sure

that their clients understand the transaction from start to finish and are confident

they’re making the right decision.